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Activity Ambassadors

Activity Ambassadors are the key players that will help in assisting with the our Barrie Pride Family/Kids Fun Zone.
Our Family/Kids Fun Zone is filled with free activities for families, kids and youth to enjoy. 

Festival Crew

Festival Site Crew members are similar to our HQ Assistants but are the behind the scenes pride warriors of the event. As a Festival Site Crew you will be supporting the event behind the scenes. You will be part of assisting a team of people that makes our wonderful event run like a well oiled machine.

HQ Assistants

HQ Assistants are similar to our Festival Crew members, but are the forefront warriors of the event. Show off that gorgeous smile as you help volunteers sign in and out for their shifts or as you greet vendors, performers and sponsors as they register/sign in. Your role will be ensuring that our Headquarters runs as smooth as possible.

People who will excel in this role can calmly handle many tasks at once with fluctuating priorities; are highly organized and enjoy meeting new people. Be warned, this role can go from being extremely hectic to a snail’s pace. This position is suitable for those who need or wish to have frequent ability to sit.

Info/Welcome Centre Greeters
Smile! In addition to being the friendly face of Pride, Info/Welcome Centre greeters will be the lifeline for patrons looking for Pride related knowledge and assistance. If you are outgoing and love to engage the public, this is the position for you! Greeters uses multiple resources to provide information and steer attendees in the right direction.

Duties can range from handing out Pride Guides, responding to festival inquiries and being a first point of contact for festival attendees. If you are friendly and have the ability to multitask, then we welcome you.

Festival Ambassadors
Festival Ambassadors work with in pairs and are the mobile information and first response of Barrie Pride, you will walk different areas of the Pride site observing participants, reporting incidents and obtaining assistance via your personal phone or Barrie Pride radio when required, and serving as a good will ambassador to all festival attendees.

This position often attracts lots of attention from the public so you should be comfortable speaking with the public and giving out information.

Pride Parade Marshals

Parade marshals are the worker bees of the parade. As a marshal you will be buzzing around the route and helping to keep the parade gears moving effectively. The main duty of marshals is to keep the crowds of people watching out of way of the parade while keeping the parade inside the boundaries that are set up. Marshals are also a source of information for the public and are responsible for handling any inquiries regarding the parade route. Keep the momentum for the pride march, Be enthusiastic, our ensure that all attendees’ are happy (within reason).

Make sure there are no gaps in the March
Make sure there is 2-4 meters of space in front of each banner
Make sure there is 4-5 meters of space between marchers and observers
Notify parade spectators to stay within the designated areas.
Communicate To Parade Registration Any Non Registered Observers Who Would Like To Be Part Of The Parade And Report Any Incidents Using Two-Way Radios